Role of Schema & Occurence of Error 211

Schema is a logically grouped SQL Objects such as tables, view stored procedure and other associated elements. When schema is generated one can access the database in more restricted manner.

Suppose we need to create a schema for one user, then access to the database will be in such a manner that the user will be able to use only those specific area where privileges has been assigned to him. This is generally done to narrow down the database to cater only specific requirement.

Reason For Schema Corruption

The reason for Schema corruption can be attributed to many factors, some of them are:

  • Human negligence
  • Software malfunction
  • Hardware Failure

Schema Error 211 in SQL can be Altered to Function Normally

Choose the following methods to remove Schema corruption that exists in the database.

  • Use the backup data and bring the database prior to the point of symptom
  • Try to repair the whole MDF Database and then re-deploy the database

The DBCC CHECKDB though is not the sure shot answer to full recovery of Schema. The best way of recovery is to use the backup database or to repair the MDF Database.

The full recovery of MDF file is possible by using SQL .mdf Recovery tool. The software will remove any type of corruption from the database and after that you will be able to use your corrupt database normally.